Ode to the Days of Transition

Ode to the Days of Transition

Music, text, flutist and voice: Sora Jederan-Shpack
Paintings: Michael Clifford Shpack
Winter Sketches, Eyes Photograph: Saurav Rana
Moons and Flower Photographs: Nancy Halgren


[audio:Ode to the Days Clip 1.mp3]

Approaching the apex of transition, transition,

Time speeds out of control, out of…

Hurling ones being into a vortex of past and future energies,

Colliding, fighting, for dominance!

At once believing yourself secure,
You are now catapulted into the spiral, into the spiral, into,

[audio:Ode to the Days Clip 2.mp3]

Torn! Wrenched! Dismantled!

Left naked, unarmed…

Here, where there is no time,
You float, nowhere, with no one,

Marveling at the peace, at the space,
You are suspended in nothingness.

Past…patterns…melt away…

[audio:Ode to the Days Clip 3.mp3]

Eyes peer into a new reality,
Exiting the days, the days of transition,
Embarking, embarking, on the next phase,
On the next phase of being.

Text and Music
Sora Jederan-Shpack 2007