Music, the sheer essence of sound including its opposite, silence, is in and of itself, a powerful and sacred form of energy, communication, communion and healing.

To focus on sound, to follow its path, to embrace its multi-layers is to reach a higher plane of personal awareness.

With the addition of sacred syllables, ones found in many religious practices around the world, music takes on another dimension of power and empowerment, sacred and secular.

With yet the addition of words, art and dance, music enhances creative ideas and makes real the unreal and the unreal real.

Together music, art, dance, drama and poetry coalesce as the universe of many souls acting and being one.

Somewhere deep within us the creative force multiplies, calling us, urging us to pay attention, to listen, to obey. At its mercy we must follow.

For our sanity, for the healing of our minds, bodies and souls, art in all its forms and music in particular can be a powerful tool for the growth and well-being of each individual and of our communities and nations in general. For it is within our nervous systems, the core of our beings that health and healing take place, and here where meditation and music soothe and rejuvenate our entire beings.

It is these principles and ideas that drive my art and my reason to continue to create, participate in and teach others the art of music.