Allah’s Love

Allah’s Love

Allah's Love, is a simple S or SA song expressing love and devotion towards God.
Lyricist: Music and Text by Sora Jederan-Shpack

Allah's Love was originally written as a children's song, perfect for children's choir or adult choir or soloists, it is written in either S or SA. This simple composition is based on the Qur'an reading from chapter 20, verse 40. It tells of God's love surrounding the infant Moses and the children's wish that God's love will embrace them as well.

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Piano Score: S and SA Choir or Soloists, Piano 4:52 ME
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Piano Score: S and SA Choir or Soloists, Piano 4:52 ME

Text For: Allah's Love

Allah's love surrounded the infant Moses
Allah's love surrounded the infant Moses
for Allah was watching, ever so closely,
protecting the infant Moses, the little baby.

Moses, Moses, infant Moses
known in the heavens long before this day,
Though we placed you with the Pharaoh,
Our love surrounds you,
safely carries you,
toward your prophethood,
toward your destiny.

As allaah's love surrounded the infant Moses,
while he lived within the Pharaoh's court,
May allaah hear my plea, from a child's heart,
as I remember You,
please, remember me.

As we play and as we pray,
angels are watching over us,
As we find what we will be,
Allah’s love surrounds us,
safely carries us,
toward our work on earth,
toward our destiny.