The Mirror


Text and Music: Sora Jederan-Shpack

Loghan Bazan, mezzo-soprano
Jonghee Kang, pianist
Photography: Nancy Halgren
Door Photography: Sora Jederan-Shpack
Portraits: Michael Clifford Shpack and Sarauv Rana

Into our dreams, into our dreams

[audio:The Mirror 3 min clip.mp3]

Gliding o’re the waves of time


[audio:The Mirror Clip 2.mp3]

Stepping through … stepping through … … stepping through

The door of your mind,


Turn, turn, turn to
Face, face, face the

Mirror, mirror, mirror, mirror
Mirror, mirror, mirror, mirror
Of your soul, your soul,


[audio:The Mirror Clip 3.mp3]

And be joyful
In seeing G-d*
In you and me and all that is.

Copyright June 2010
*Out of respect for the Jewish community, I have chosen to write the word meaning The Omnipotent One as G-d omitting the middle letter.