A Mother’s Love: Mother and Infant Moses From the Qur’an

Jocheved, Miriam, and Moses by Charles Foster, 1897

A Mother’s Love: Mother and Infant Moses From the Qur’an

A Mother's Love is the first oratorio based on stories from the Qur'an.
Commissioned by: VOICES Multicultural Chorus
"A Mother's Love is simply phenomenal. This is a work that will go down in history as profound and absolutely necessary for our day and age."
Lorrene Adams, Associate Director VOICES
Lyricist: Sora Jederan-Shpack

A Mother's Love is similar to an oratorio in that the text is based on a sacred book, in this case, The Qur'an. Yet, A Mother's Love is different than our typical oratorio in that the narration of the story and the story itself is not kept to recitatives, but is integrated into the choral pieces. Here the soloists and chorus dialogue back and forth with story and praise.

Each movement of A Mother's Love can stand alone as a unique concert piece with various instrumental combinations or the entire oratorio can be performed, as it was by VOICES, in an evening. The music is composed using makams and mixes these with western harmonies and textures. Melodies of thematic and rhythmic material build upon one another, sharing and interweaving throughout the oratorio. The vocal score is written for intermediate choir with many parts doubling as one would find in folk and Middle Eastern music.

To read about each movement and listen to an audio, choose the title of the movement and click on it's link below:


1 Call To Prayer and The Fatiha

2 The Winds of Time

3 Come Travel

4 In The Cave Of Hira

5 Silent Spirit

6 Salutations To The Prophets

7 Prophets Meet

8 Qur'an 28.1-6

9 These Are The Verses

10 Pharaoh And The New Star

11 Qur'an 20.37-39 & 28.8-13

12 We Inspired Your Mother

13 Infant Moses

14 Qur'an 20.40

15 Allah Is Great

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