Ordering Music

Other FAQs…


How do licensed PDF orders work?

Licensed PDFs are ordered the same way as sheet music, by going to the composition’s webpage and adding it to your shopping basket. If you’d like to make 25 copies of the piece, add 25 licensed PDFs to your basket.

If you choose to purchase a Licensed PDF, you are purchasing a license to photocopy the music for your own use. I’ll create a PDF of the score for you which will have a personalized license printed at the bottom of each page. The license will read something like this:

Digital Edition licensed [DATE] for legal duplication of [NUMBER OF COPIES] for the sole use of [NAME or ORGANIZATION].

Further duplication or dissemination of this copyrighted work – including forwarding, sharing, uploading or sale – is prohibited.

A $5.00 License Setup Fee will be added to your order when you check out. I typically process Licensed PDFs within 2 business days. If you need it quicker, feel free to mention that in the “Comments” field of the order form.

On buying music for an organization. Can you bill the organization (choir or church or university or school)?

I’d like to print the lyrics to one of your songs in a concert program. May I do that?